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Taco Bell With An Ocean View??? It’s In Pacifica, CA!!!

Ever wondered where the country’s best view from a fast food joint is? You’re in luck if you are a San Francisco bay area resident. It’s in Pacifica, CA. This has got to be the best location for a Taco Bell restaurant ever!! The moderately sized fast food chain restaurant that sports a modernized Mexican inspired decor similar to something you might find in Puebla, Mexico, has HUGE windows that line the west-facing walls to let the patrons take in the beautiful Linda Mar Beach view at any time of the day that the restaurant is open. As you walk up from the parking lot, you notice that the restaurant is perched atop a series of pillars and has a boardwalk style deck that goes around the side to a large patio deck in the rear. Does it get any better, oh yes!! The rear patio deck features a number of outside patio furniture for your eating pleasure along with a sliding glass order window with a full menu outdoors and stairs down to the beach for easy access. Where else can you come off your surfboard soaking wet and walk up to a Taco Bell window and get served??? Only in Pacifica, boy and girls!!

For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area that know the spot, you already know how awesome it is. If you live in the area and don’t know about this spot, you need to take a road trip out to the ocean and visit. Obviously, the busiest time of the day is right around sunset, duh!! Not only can you have your Doritos Tacos Locos, but you can have them while sitting on a large deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean while sipping on your Pepsi. The restaurant is located right on Hwy 1 in Linda Mar Beach just off Linda Mar Blvd on the south end of town.It’s very popular with the young crowd, but we Pacificans are very well-behaved…

I moved to Pacifica in 2000 from Baltimore, MD and still feel like I’m living in a vacation town. It is the best feeling to really love where you live. Yes, we get socked in with fog almost every day of the year, but every so often the weather opens up and everyone runs outdoors. This is just one of my favorite spots in Pacifica. I will be visiting more of my favorite spots soon, so stay tuned.

All of the images below were taken with my Canon 1D Mark II N and my Tokina ATX 100-300mm f/4.0 lens.  All of these were shot between 7pm and 8pm tonight. Enjoy!!


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