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What Do The San Francisco Giants and The Pacifica Rockies Little League Have In Common?? TORTURE!!!

My son plays for the Rockies in the Pacifica National Little League system. This is his 7th year in the Little League system and I would say that his current team is the best one he’s been a part of. I asked him just now to confirm, but it goes to show you that I know my kid pretty well. I also would have to say that this has to do more with him having one of the best coaches in the little league system than the actual team he’s on. I’m sure that his coach will read this (hey, Jesse), but he needs to know that he is one hell of a coach, if he doesn’t know it already. I’ve listened in on advice he gives not only my kid, but all the other kids, and he is solid. Actually, ALL the coaches on this year’s team need a SHOUT OUT!! They are all very dedicated to the team and passing on their knowledge of the game is a passion.

I’ll be the first to say that my kid can be a pain in the ass, to say it kindly. I have witnessed temper tantrums in passed years that have left me embarassed to even stick around for the entire game. But this year is different, for some reason, and it has nothing to do with their winning record. Well, I guess last year’s 0-16 record didn’t help the situation going into this year, but the coach has connected with my kid in particular that makes going to practice not such a drag anymore. So, thank you coach, for being a hardass with my kid and not putting up with any of his crap!! For this, you earn the BADASS AWARD for the week!!! Yoo-hooo!!!

This weekend’s game took us down to the crazy little league world of Half Moon Bay, a coastal town just south of Pacifica. HMB plays by their own rules most of the time. I think some of them are set on the fly!! Who knows, but every so often, they come up with another doozy that goes against the rules and regulations that we follow here in Pacifica. But, if we’re playing in their town, we have to go by their rules.

Today’s game looked promising, but a late comeback by the home team in the bottom of the 6th tied the score 9-9. We were able to get out of the inning before they scored the winning run with the bases loaded. The game had dragged on quite a bit in the later innings, but to our surprise, the game was called a tie since we had gone over the time limit allotted for the game. The other two teams were there and waiting their turn to use the field, so I get it. But, part of me thinks that a tie is better than a loss, and that is exactly what the home team was thinking. These kids played their hearts out today, and they felt the torture of having the home team come back a few times, just as much as the parents in the stands and the coaches in the dugout. But, at the end of the day, the kids played great baseball, stumbles and all.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the game. I shot these with my trusty Canon 1D Mark II N and my awesome Tokina ATX 100-300mm f/4.0 lens combo. Most of these were shot at 300mm and additional cropping for better composition was performed. Along with that, a little contrast adjustment was made along with added sharpness. I was fortunate enough to notice that along the first base line, there was a raised ridge of concrete on the outside of the fence that I was able to stand on and shoot with the lens just over the fence. I kept the images in numerical order, as they were shot throughout the game.


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