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A Few Last Images from My New York Trip

I was hoping to have a bunch of new images for tonight of little league baseball, but unfortunately, the camera gods were against me today. The memory card that I have used quite a bit since the beginning of the year decided to die on me and the camera could not format the card to allow for images to be recorded. Since I didn’t have an option while on location, I watched the game as a spectator. At home I tried to re-format the memory card using my computer, but didn’t have any luck with that either. The good news is the camera is fine, since it worked with another memory card I had on hand, but a replacement card is in order and will need to be bought prior to my departure this weekend to Chicago. But, enough about that.

I wanted to share the last of the images that I worked up from my New York trip, before I went off on another tangent and left them trailing. These were images that I took at various instances while walking around Manhattan throughout the week I was there. The first images are of St. Patrick’s Cathedral right around the corner from the Rockefeller Center. Although the cathedral is currently having work done to it and was littered with scaffolding and unattractive construction equipment, I did my best to find interesting subjects inside the cathedral that could stand alone of the construction and renovation. This is a beautiful cathedral and I could stay in there all day photographing it. Of course, I didn’t have a flash, which they discourage you from using, so I wasn’t in danger of being asked by the camera police to cease and desist. Everything from the pews to the marble statues have something spectacular about them that captures my photographic eye. I don’t believe there is an official tour of the cathedral, but I did stumble across a volunteer that had a group of people gather as he spoke about the building and its historical significance in New York. The shot of the ceiling was taken down on one knee standing in front of the pew that I photographed immediately afterwards. I thought about find an open pew to lie down on to take a shot straight up, but I figured that would be sacrilegious somehow and restrained myself.

Next up are images that I took as I headed over to the Rockefeller Center and came across Radio City Music Hall. I also included a subway shot of a tiled wall at the Canal St subway station in Little Italy and a few sidewalk images taken of row homes and their stoops. In one of the images, I was trying to focus on the green of the trees in front of me. The sun was so bright, that it looked as if the leaves were aflame in green. It was pretty amazing, but I don’t think everything transferred to the image as I would have hoped. There is an image of the subway entrance at City Hall which had a cavernous feel to it wrapped up in subway tile. Also, I included a pizza shop window that had some pretty good stuff in the window and smelled great. And finally, a shot above the main door to the Starbucks at Grand Central Station. It was a tiny little coffee shop, but it had a grand cathedral style entryway. Pretty fancy to get your cup of java at Grand Central everyday, don’t you think??

To refresh your memory, these were all taken with a Tokina ATX 16-28mm f/2.8 that I would definitely rent again if I owned a full frame camera and was carrying around a tripod for real good shots. In the meantime, I’ll put that lens on the back-burner of my lens list and move forward. I enjoyed photographing the city, but will have a clearer idea of what to be focusing on next year when I return, as this trip was for a recurring industry gathering that I will more than likely be asked to attend going forward.


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