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Anyone Else Wanna Try Pitching???

As we come to the end of my son’s little league season, we are finishing up all the make-ups due to the rain outs earlier in the season. Today’s game brought one of the Half Moon Bay teams up to Pacifica for the makeup. I showed up late, since the game started around 5pm and I had to drive all the way from Jack London Square in Oakland. I started snapping away as soon as I got there, but managed to miss the first three innings. By the end of the 4th, we were looking at a blow out of at least 12-1, so the game was called early in our favor. Our coach, being the type of coach that doesn’t believe in showing up the losing team, held all our players to singles after the score started to get ridiculous. And, when the game was called, he offered to let the opposing team bat through their entire lineup one last time. That was classy, coach. I tip my hat off to you!!

Since we have three games to play this week, with today’s being the second for the week, the coach opted to not use up his available pitching arms on this game once it was clearly going to be a blow out. So, anyone that wanted to pitch was able to. We had quite a few position players that really haven’t gotten on the mound, get a shot at it. It was fun photographing the kids today, especially as they were testing out their “guns.” I walked around a bit to get different vantage points, but since most of the photos were taken of the pitcher, the elevated score keepers box behind the backstop provided the best view of the mound.

I was shooting through the protective fence, but since almost all the photos were taken at 300mm, I was able to contend with the fence with a little post-processing contrast work. I added a little sharpening and that’s all, folks. Enjoy!!


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