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Warning!! It’s a Guy Playing With His Yo-yo…

Last Saturday, I decided to go into Golden Gate Park with my Tokina and the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L series lens that I rented from Adolph Gasser mainly to get a feel for the wide-angle lens before heading over on Sunday to the 75th anniversary celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge. We first went to the Japanese Tea Garden and later walked over to the Conservatory of Flowers. In between both venues, we stopped in the music pavilion between the Academy of Sciences and the DeYoung Museum where a bunch of food trucks were set up for a bite to eat. We decided on a hot dog joint and had great dogs. While we ate, I noticed a large gathering of people and quickly figured that it was some kind of yo-yo competition, as I wouldn’t usually have seen many people openly playing with their yo-yo.

Oh, you were expecting something different from the title?? You sick puppy!! This is a clean-cut, no-nonsense blog!! Yeah, right…

But, seriously folks, it’s a guy playing with his yo-yo. I put the camera into high-speed mode and mowed him down with a series of shots. “Why share these?”, you may ask yourself. Well, we had a family dinner tonight and I didn’t get home until about 10pm. If I pick a topic that requires me to work up a bunch of images, I probably wouldn’t get done until real late and we’ve got our last little league game of the season tomorrow morning. And since I’m the furthest thing away from someone who springs right out of bed all happy, go lucky, I need all the help I can get with plenty of rest. So, I opted to leave the shots I want to share of the Conservatory of Flowers and Japanese Tea Garden for Sat and Sunday before I head off to Chicago for work.

Yep, I’m leaving you again for another week. This time, I’m heading off to the Windy City for a series of meetings. I’ll have the laptop with me, so I may be able to check in on occasion, but with it being my work laptop, I won’t be able to share any new images that I may be taking while traveling that may need work. Luckily, it’s just a series of meetings and not another industry gathering that usually involves late night drinks and schmoozing with potential customers.

So, take this for what it really is, a place setter so that I don’t lose my one post a day rhythm. From what I saw from this guy playing with his yo-yo in the competition, I could only wonder what he does with his other yo-yo…

Good night, all!!


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