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What Do You Get When You Mix a Jet Pack, Panda Gloves, a Badass Catch and 14 Strikeouts?? A FREAKIN’ PERFECT GAME!!!!

Holy Shit!! We just saw Matt Cain pitch the first ever PERFECT GAME for the Giants organization in its more than 125 year history!!! It was amazing!! It was a once in a lifetime!! It was MATT CAIN!!!

He was on fire from the get-go and was mowing the Astros down one after another. On top of that, the Giants offense was on their A game and were scoring crooked numbers in the first 5 innings. It wasn’t until the 7th inning that Gregor Blanco made the most awesome catch ever that it started to feel really special. After that, it was almost a given that tonight could only have one ending. That would be of a PERFECT GAME!!

Out after out, Matty just kept mowing them down. I must give props to Melky Cabrera for two great catches, Brandon Crawford for an off balance throw in the top of the 9th and Joaquin Aria’s final throw to first for the final out.

The magic that was felt in that stadium rivaled any of the post season games leading up to the 2010 World Series win. The crowd stayed behind after the game and didn’t start to clear for at least half an hour. The electricity felt in the stadium was incredible, but no one was talking about the inevitable. If you talk about it, you jinx it.

We were fortunate to witness history and only because I had a feeling earlier today and decided to talk my family into going to the game. I am so glad that my “feeling” worked out. When I usually have that feeling, all that ends up happening is really bad gas…

So, to explain these photos. There was a guy out in McCovey Cove that was trying out a water propelled jet pack. He got plenty of attention early on and was even featured on the big screen in the park in between innings. Panda slid into second head first. The streak in the warning track in front of the VISA sign is where Blanco performed a belly flop catch that saved the perfect game. The rest of them are pretty self-explanatory. There was all kinds of love going on as soon as the last out was recorded. The Astros saw a lot of called third strikes from this ump…

Oh, by the way, I rented the Canon 200mm f/1.8 L with the 2X extender for the game since it was available on the shelf at Gasser’s when I passed by. If you are thinking about that setup, please don’t get it. The extender degraded all the images to the point that they are nothing be fuzzy. On top of that, I was too far away to really use the 200mm range effectively. The images taken with the lens by itself came out great and sharp. That is one badass lens. Just don’t pair it with a 2X extender. I’m sure that a 1.4X may not be as bad while still giving you a little extra reach, but I chose wrong with the 2X extender.

This lens would probably be excellent for indoor sports, such as basketball and volleyball, where you can get somewhat close that a 200mm lens would be appropriate. I suppose if I was sitting in the media pits at AT&T park, that I would also consider the 200mm lens, but I don’t have that luxury YET…

I witnessed history tonight, folks, and it was awesome!!


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