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Wrigley Field, Badass Deep Dish Pizza and, oh yeah, Happy Father’s Day!!

Happy Father’s Day to all!!

I was a little side-tracked last night working on a few things in the garage while listening to the Giants very sad game in Seattle and ended up not posting anything new last night. I know, I’m a baaaaaad person. Ok, I had a moment and got over it…

I had a great Father’s Day today. Not only did I get an egg in a basket for breakfast, which is one of my favorites, but we ended up going into San Francisco to hang around the Ferry Building and take pictures. I’ll be posting a few of those images later this week, so stay tuned.

Tonight I thought I would take you back to my Chicago trip last week and share a few images from my first trip to Wrigley Field. Unfortunately, the Cubs were in Milwaukee playing the Brewers while I was in town, so I wasn’t able to experience Wrigley Field in person. There seemed to be some sort of stage being erected in center field for a concert the next day, but I didn’t catch the name of the performing act. I did, however, notice in tonight’s game in Chicago against the Red Sox the amount of damage that the stage caused to the outfield greens. I’m sure there were a few people on the grounds keeping staff that were horrified with the state of the outfield tonight. The good news is that it will grow back in no time.

I was meeting up a couple of friends that I had met over the phone a few years back and were finally getting to meet them in person. After making my way over to their neck of the woods, we hung out at their place for a beer as we decided what we were doing for dinner. Since dusk was quickly approaching, we didn’t hang for long and headed out the door. Of course, my trusty camera was along for the ride. Their place turned out to be within walking distance of Wrigley, so we ditched the car in a parking lot and huffed it over.

We did make it to the marquis before the sun went down, so I was able to take a few shots before we went off to eat. With sufficient light still to be had, I decided on the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens. After hanging around there and stopping at the Cubs dugout store, we headed for deep dish pizza at D’Agostino’s. I figured that going to Chicago for the first time and not trying deep dish would be almost criminal, so when they asked what I was in the mood for, that was the first thing out of my mouth. Good thing, cause they knew just the place to go and it was one of their favorite spots.

That pizza was amazing!! I have never been a fan of the deep dish pizza. On top of that, there’s a chain of deep dish pizza places in the East Bay that we occasionally order from when the company picks up lunch the day before a long weekend or something like that, and it always leaves me with serious heartburn. But, this deep dish was awesome!!! I had two slices, and boy were they big, and I never do that!!! The outer crust was almost flaky like a pastry. It was light and just enough to have all the ingredients in the pizza be the main attraction. DAMN THAT WAS GOOD PIZZA. Good thing I don’t live there, cause I’d be waaaay fatter thanks to awesome deep dish.

By the time we headed back, the sun was down, so I whipped out the Sigma 50mm f/1.4. The nighttime shots were taken with this lens using my old school method of zooming in and out called walking.

A few years back, I was fortunate enough to be in Boston when the Red Sox were in town, so I did whatever needed to be done to buy a seat and watch them pummel on the Angels. I even went as far as performing Google searches on images from the seats to see which view I wanted. I found what I wanted, bought the tickets, and as I sat in the seats watching the game unfold in front of me, the whole experience of sitting in Fenway watching the Red Sox was enough to bring my eyes to water. Yuuup, I’m an emotional baby like that.

So, with Wrigley Field being the second oldest stadium still in existence and all the history that has been seen and played in that stadium, I expected to be overwhelmed with emotion at the sight of the marquis. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. I was almost left thinking to myself “is that it?!?!?!?” I mentioned this to a Cubs faithful later on in the trip, and he told me that there must be something wrong with me. He’s probably right!!!

Well, now that I think long and hard about it (that’s what she said), I probably didn’t get the reaction that I was expecting from the experience since it wasn’t a game day. Game day brings a level of excitement unlike anything else. There would have been rabid fans running all over the place, there would have been the smell of ballpark favorites cooking in the air, and foot traffic thick enough to it make it difficult to make it to your seats. So, yes, I was missing a LOT from this Wrigley experience.

I’m sure that once I head back to Chicago and time it right so that the Cubs are in town, I’ll have news to report. I’ll get that teary eye for Wrigley, even if I have to hang out in front of the guy cutting the onions, folks!!!


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