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A Walk Down Michigan Avenue to Millennium Park in Chicago

A few days ago, I shared some images of the iconic John Hancock building from my recent visit to Chicago. Since I didn’t have much time in between appointments, I had to be extremely focused on what I wanted to do with my time. The Hancock building was number one on my list, but then I figured I would have enough time for something else. I had seen and read about the reflective bean at Millennium Park and thought that it would be cool to visit. I was pretty excited to see that I was only about a mile away right down Michigan Avenue, so off to walking for me!!

Michigan Avenue is awesome to walk. Yep, its got all the fancy brand name shops in Chicago, but what is most interesting about it is the drastic differences in architecture from one building to another and how well manicured all the sidewalk gardens are kept by the city. I kept finding myself having to force myself to keep walking instead of stopping to photograph everything or else I wouldn’t make it to the bean. So, I contented myself with the idea that I would just walk past everything and make mental notes of where I wanted to stop on the way back while going straight to the bean to be sure I saw it. And that’s what I did…

All of these were taken with the Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 lens I rented from for the Chicago trip. I had the Sigma 50mm with me, but I like that flexibility of the zoom lens and left that on the entire time. The images include a few of the Fourth Presbyterian Church directly across the street from the John Hancock. I loved how the ivy was creeping all the way up the bell tower. I also feature the Wrigley Building, the Michigan Avenue Bridge overlooking the Chicago River, the Trump Tower and the Chicago Tribune building. The underside detail of the public library in front of Millennium Park caught my eye, so it makes a cameo here. I also noticed that the next street over had a subway line, so I made it down there to find a great looking street lamp. I waited around for the next train and slowed down the shutter speed to give that feeling of movement from the train passing by. Once at the bean, I photographed the underside of the sculpture, which is also reflective, but concave at the same time, and causes that funhouse styled image with everyone distorted. I thought it came out pretty cool…

I definitely didn’t get enough time to real immerse myself in everything that Chicago had to offer, but I sure enjoyed the time I spent there. Tomorrow I plan to share with you some images from the architecture tour down the rivers that I took the previous day. For the time being, I leave you with these images. Enjoy!!


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