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A Big Thank You To The Kansas City Royals

As I sat looking at the bleak state of the San Francisco Giants’ standings about two months ago as I had to book a trip for a business conference where the World Series would have been playing, I had no qualms about booking the trip figuring that my interest in the games would have been casual at best. You could imagine my surprise when the Giants not only make it past the Pirates, but the Nationals and then the Cardinals as well to represent the National League after having clinched the NL Pennant for the 3rd time in the last five years. It was right about then that the “oh, shit!” moment hit regarding my travel…

I was fortunate to go to Charleston, SC for a few days and managed to bring the Pentax along for a few field trips around business (images forthcoming). We were able to schedule business and pleasure around the start times, and for once, being on the east coast with a start time of 8pm was a GREAT thing!!

With my last evening being that of Game 6, I must admit that I was a bit selfish in hoping the Giants would take game 6 and I could see the end of the World Series in the comfort of the hotel room. Unfortunately, fate would have a Game 7 and my travel plans would be in the way. My return flight had me connecting in Chicago and my flight to San Francisco would be departing an hour before the start time for the game. Luckily, my United flight offered DirectTV for purchase and it must have been the BEST $7.99 I’ve ever spent on an airplane.

By now, everyone knows the outcome of Game 7, and although I am still reeling in the excitement of another World Series win, that is not the message of this blog post. As a dedicated fan of the sport of baseball, I am dedicating this blog post to my fellow brethren in Kansas City in a salute to the amazing season they had in 2014.

Baseball fans are a special breed of sports fans. At times compared to the excitement found at a championship chess match for the slow pace, baseball is a game within a game within a mental game happening at the same time. It takes a special kind of sports fan to WANT to be that involved in the sport and especially the team they root for.

I have been fortunate to attend a number of stadiums and experience other team’s fan base. I’ll be the first to admit that throughout the years after the Giants’ first WS win in 2010, we had a fair number of fair-weather fans and “fans” that just want to be seen at the ballpark. I must say that some of the most intense fan bases have been experienced in Boston and St. Louis.

I was not fortunate to attend any of the WS games, but there was no doubt in my mind the level of intensity of the Royals fan base both away and at home. When the Giants played in Kansas City, the roar of the crowd for their team was deafening to the point of not hearing the commentators when listening in on the radio broadcast and had my heart pumping throughout every game.

The World Series could have gone either way. It wasn’t all that long ago that the Giants were still chasing their first World Series win since moving to San Francisco and I remember the feeling of wanting it so bad. My heart goes out to the Royals fan that could not see that happen in 2014.

I would like to congratulate the Kansas City Royals and their fan base for an incredible 2014 season and for being a great opponent in the 2014 World Series. The caliber of fan base, player performance and intensity for the game has brought your ball club to nationwide attention that is well deserved. I, for one, will definitely keep an eye on you guys next season and wish you all the very best for a winning 2015.



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